Drake Hogestyn

'Days of Our Lives' Drake Hogestyn (John Black) recovering from an on-set injury

By Shelby Morris
(Blasting News)

Drake Hogestyn injured in fall, temporarily out at Days

Drake Hogestyn injured in fall, temporarily out at Days

Actor Drake Hogestyn plays John Black on "Days of Our Lives". His character is not only a fan favorite but also a key member of the cast. We have followed him through many twists and turns over the years. Though he may leave Salem for various adventures and trials, John always comes back home to his beloved Marlena.

He has been missing from the show for a while now. The initial report came from the "Globe" stating that he had fallen from a tree and had experienced internal bleeding. Another report in July from "We Love Soaps" brought to light that he had actually been injured onset of "Days of Our Lives". There were few details and fans were left with many questions.

Finally we know where John Black is.

After months of rumors and false reports, we finally know where our beloved John Black is. He was indeed injured on the set of "Days of Our Lives" as was confirmed when Drake Hogestyn's legal team released a statement. On May 5th he was doing his own stunt. He had been instructed to run full speed and crash headfirst into a door. The intention was for the door to fling open. However, the prop wasn't set up correctly, When he hit the door at full force head on the door didn't budge. He suffered severe head injuries from this stunt gone wrong. We don't know the full extent of the injuries or any possible long term effects he may suffer.

Drake Hogestyn was hospitalized for his injuries from this onset accident. He has since been released and is recovering at his home in Malibu with his wife and family at his side.

Drake thanks his fans for their support.

The statement from the legal team also said, "Drake, his wife Victoria and the Hogestyn family appreciate the good wishes, prayers and positive thoughts from so many loyal fans, but ask that their privacy be respected at this time. Drake's goal is to get back to the show as soon as possible."

We have no word of when we may see Drake Hogestyn back on set. Hopefully he has a full recovery and rejoins the cast of "Days of Our Lives" in Salem very soon. #Television

Update and Details on Drake Hogestyn Injury

By Hope Campbell
(Soap Hub)

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that “Days of Our Lives” star Drake Hogestyn was injured after falling out of a tree. That claim now proves false. Yes, the actor was sidelined by an injury, but apparently, it happened on set.

According to a statement from Hogestyn’s lawyer published by Soap Opera Digest, the actor was injured on May 5 performing a stunt on set that had him breaking through a prop door. (It looks like John will still be fighting crime months from now.) The lawyers claim that the door was “not properly prepared” when he ran “full speed” and “smashed headfirst into it.”

Hogestyn was reportedly seriously injured and rushed straight to the hospital. He’s now recovering at home in Malibu.

In a further statement, his lawyers said:

“Drake, his wife Victoria, and the Hogestyn family, appreciate all the good wishes, prayers, and positive thoughts from so many loyal fans, but ask that their privacy be respected. Drake’s goal is to get back to the show as soon as possible.”